ACMEL Labo has been a member of the Zwick/Roell Group since 2002 and has developed a range of devices for testing cement and mortar.

In more detail:

  • The PA8, which enables the beginning and end of the setting process for cement mortar and other types of mortars to be determined to Vicat. The test sequence runs fully automatically and the device allows independent testing of up to 8 types of mortar at 8 independent testing stations.
  • The BSA1, used for determining the grain fineness of powdered products such as cement to the Blaine Method.
  • The FLA1, used for determining the proportion of unbonded lime in cement and clinker production.
  • The BC16, which allows cement cylinders to La Chatelier to be submerged in a water bath for the prescribed time at maximum water temperature to enable determination of the expansion of cement specimens during hydration.

Development and production of testing devices takes place at the ACMEL factory in Champlan (near Paris). The software developed by ACMEL for control of the test sequence and the determination of measured values via computer and microprocessors integrates the customer’s ‘manual know-how’. ACMEL products feature easy, push-button operation, at the same time performing comprehensive evaluations of stored values.

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