Servo valve

Servo valves

Servo valves are used in closed control loops for high-accuracy control of hydraulic energy, with multi-kilowatt hydraulic power controlled by input signals in the milliwatt-range.

Extremely severe demands are placed on servo valves used in materials and component testing. They must react to a wide range of set-value signals equally well at extremely high or very low test speeds, with short or long travel.

The correct choice of servo valve is determined by the size of the servohydraulic testing actuator(nominal capacity) and the required operating point (defined by force, travel and frequency). Zwick uses a suitable computer program to determine the performance characteristics of a given single testing actuator-servo valve combination.

  • 2-stage servo valves available with a nominal flow-rate of 4 l/min to 230 l/min.
  • Servo valves can be used in systems operating at 210 or 280 bar.
  • 'High response’ valves available for particularly high dynamic ranges.
  • Servo valves available as 4 or 5-port valves for separate pilot pressure connection.
  • Standard connection port pattern to ISO 10372-04 for valves up to 75 l/min.


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