• 6種類のご提供できます。1, 2, 5, 10, 20そして30 kN.
  • 高い試験スピード - 30m/minまで - 高性能を実現しました。
  • 荷重制御と変位制御の操作モード切替がシームレスで行えます。
  • フレキシブルな使用 - 上方向や下方向あるいはトラニオン(横置き)でも可能です。
  • 様々な試験シチュエーションに合わせ、当社の標準的なモジュールが利用できます。例えば、ロードセル、試験冶具、ソフト、制御装置等。
  • 生産ライン中での評価試験用にアクセサリーカードやインターフェイスも容易に利用できます。
  • 据付も簡便で、その後のメンテナンス体制も安心です。

Test portal with electro-mechanical servo testing actuator.

Portal solutions with electro-mechanical servo testing actuators

Testing situations involving large components such as car seats, furniture, wall panels or vehicle bodywork parts require large, flexible test devices. The portal construction of the load frames provides convenient operation and a wide range of adjustment options.

The modular construction of the portals allows them to be configured easily for testing requirements. The T-slotted basic platform, portal and electro-mechanical servo testing actuator are all available in various sizes and forms.

Zwick electro-mechanical servo testing actuators are available in six versions: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 30 kN. 5kN or 30kN portals are selected as appropriate.

For the T-slotted base platform there are various standard sizes; special sizes are of course available on request. Positioning adustment of the testing actuators in the X, Y and Z axes can be performed manually or via an electric motor.

Various safety cabins are available in accordance with overall size.

Stiff, robust construction enables high measurement accuracy levels, mostly without additional measuring transducers.



Electro-mechanical testing actuator

Electro-mechanical testing actuator from Zwick
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Electro-mechanical servo testing actuator - Elektro-mechanischen Servo-Prüfzylinder

Portal solutions with the electro-mechanical servo testing actuator. Multi-purpose testing axis for tensile ...
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